Voluptuous Collection

Finding our beauty and light is an initiation in a world that values ever more impossible standards of appearance. There is such strong group-think programming around size and shape, as well as facial perfection here in the West, that most are manipulated into spending what amounts to billions, on chasing these ideals. This standard is presented in the midst of historic food abundance, and unhealthy food advertising.

Unsurprising that we rebel and ditch the yo-yo diets, only to find ourselves secretly yearning to match up to the idealised images we are presented with everyday.  

These ideals are deeply ingrained beliefs, unconsciously assimilated and they are insidious, inviting us with every apped filtered photo we see, to strive harder and put our energy and effort into rising to join their ranks. 

The true beauty of each person, is to be found in their hearts. In the glow in their eyes. In their self-realisation as a spiritual being. Beyond old paradigm beliefs and striving is a place of grace and peaceful beingness, a place of knowing our worth, of finding our beauty within, and going beyond needing externally derived validation.

Being free of these imposed values gives much space for celebrating our unique appearances and we just have to remember, the heart sees much more deeply and clearly than the two eyes. 

Many of the t-shirts go up to so please do take a look at those.