Magenta Heart of Avalon

Avalon is a magical place, beyond the veil, found in Glastonbury, UK. It has links with Mary Magdalen, Jesus and Joseph of Arimithea, as well as the Arthurian Legends and Merlin. Many feel an ancient and multidimensional connection here and there are lots of delighted visitors (as well as us residents) who feel the faerie folk around the Tor and Chalice Well. We love that we are in a bubble of magic here, set apart from the mundane world’s worries and troubles, and we even have our own special relationship with time, expecting to meet with others in synchronous Divine flow rather than by arrangement. This little design based on circles and the Vesica Piscis is coloured magenta to denote spiritual Ruby Ray love, deep mystical love, Divine Mother’s love and grounding the Light of Heaven on Earth.