Samhain Halloween

Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve aka Halloween, has its origins in very ancient times, and it marks the transition from Autumn into winter.

It is the start of the Celtic New Year, from the time the sun goes down on 31st October in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a magical time, but was also a worrying time for the ancients, as when the sun goes down at this time of year, it was recognised that it was really receding, it’s light weakening and everything in nature was seeming to decay, and all got darker until the Sun’s light strengthens again in Spring. 

On this night, fires, representing the Sun’s presence on Earth, were extinguished in the hearth of every home to mark this decline, and everyone went out to join in with huge gatherings and Fire festivities, where there was feasting with the community, no doubt giving feelings of comfort and a beautiful ceremony ensued whereby symbolically, it was traditional that each took the flame from the big bonfire and relit their fire at home from it, signifying how together they could triumph over darkness, with one accord.

At this crossing-over point it was felt that now the underworld came into ascendancy, and with it the dead and all the other-world beings could come and walk among the world of the living. The ancestors were to be welcomed and food and gifts were prepared for them, in order to honour and cherish their memory and spirit, and it was felt this could bring blessings. Equally people probably feared bad luck if they didn’t honour their ancestors. This is where Trick or Treating came into being as a fun activity for children, as they pretended to be other-world inhabitants too.

Many were scared to run into ghosts or the Fae so would disguise themselves as these folk so as not to become the target for them.

The veil between dimensions thinning as it does can allow us to commune with our ancestors and other well-intentioned magical inhabitants of the Hidden Realms. 

My designs are from my heart’s enjoyment of the magical light realms and depict my wonder at the beauty of them, their inhabitants, as well as of people, our history, our traditions, the great potentials we have to be kind, community minded, in tune with nature and Gaia, in touch with life’s guidance and medicine for our journeys, in all its forms.