Welcome to Spirit of Lemuria

Hello and Welcome to Spirit of Lemuria - a place to find treasures for you, to support your Spiritual journey and awakening.

I share my heart guided art, design and insights from my place alongside you. I share as Great Spirit - the sacred and Holy Spirit - guides me, and often this means sharing my steps and experiences, my inspirations and creative expressions, as I trust these will be resonating within other’s lives too. We sit around a round table, you and I, and I invite you to connect and share your feelings and thoughts in this space. 

Often, a divinely timed and synchronous word or image here and there can shift us forward, and that is my hope here. The pure heart light guides me in my creations, and I follow, whether that be through dark forests or translucent seas. 

The reason I have created this sister website to www.lemurianstarchildoracle.com is because I needed to connect with more printers to bring you the best quality art prints and other items, that couldn’t link with our other website. Also, that website is dedicated to the Lemurian Starchild Oracle and 2 years on from publishing our first edition, now on our 5th print run, my creative flow is bringing in new energies, which need a place of their own expression. 

I’m so glad you found me here and I hope you will sign up for blog posts etc 

Many Blessings,

Leanne xx


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