Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck


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This beautiful and inspired Oracle Deck of 88 Cards and a 340 page book, steeped in Lemurian starry wisdom, ancient remembrance and transcendental insight, aims to assist those who resonate with the Global Mass Awakening phenomenon.

The Lemurian memories and energies, which have been coming to the forefront in the last few years, offer a powerful heart-opening Template to guide the conscious creators of the New Earth. These clear energies support us as we both 'ground' our inner Starchild and equally, as we rise upward to open multidimensional gates for our communion with our Higher Levels, and Ascended and Angelic beings.

The message is clear “Within you and everyone, is a Lemurian Starchild, who carries all the sacred codes and abilities you were originally created with. This is truly your most natural self, and it is arising again.”
The conditioning of the old paradigm acted like a veil, covering our clear sight of Unity and Truth, our divine gifts and inner knowings. Now the veil is dissolving, Heaven on Earth is returning and we are being invited to embody our Light, to let go of the old paradigm and to co-create in alignment with our Birthrights.

Lemuria was the great civilisation of the Heart, it was the Garden of Eden, before the fall of man into separation consciousness. We are returning to Eden now dear ones and before us is a doorway beyond which, if we choose to enter, is a life of joyful communing, in peace with the Earth and all of her inhabitants, in both the physical and subtle realms.

Once awakened, our inner Lemurian Starchild guides us as we return to our pure state of Divine embodiment. With our clear sight restored, we can recognise the distortions that have prevailed on Earth for far too long. We can stay focused on the Light in our Hearts, and on Being and expressing the light.

Reviews for The Lemurian Starchild Oracle

“My partner john bought me these cards for my bday. In past life regression I got message of lemuria and discovered that I am a lemurian star seed! My journey began. I seen the production of ur cards on face book and mither the life out of him for them eagerly waiting for the release. I opened many bday presents and felt a lil disheartened as none were the lemurian starchild oracle, then as he seen the disappointment in my face he laughed and gave me another present he was hiding....I ripped it open and there my new babys were. I'm a psychic medium and healer and to say these cards are magical would be an understatement. I imprinted on them str8 away and made a solid connection. The lemurian starchild Oracle cards blew me away! They are amazing and stunning too. Thanks for producing these amazing cards, there is no other deck out there on the market that hold the lemurian DNA and connection. They are simply divine. Highly recommend. 
Thanks, one very happy woman. 
Lamara xxx”
Lamara Rowlands

“I think I can safely say this is my favorite Oracle deck in the world. Since owning it, i have hardly thought of buying any other! It may not give me advice on exact choices to make. But it teaches me to raise my perspective and vibration to the higher consciousness of Lemuria.
One of the reasons I bought it, is because sometimes I need help knowing what perspective to take. And not only are each of these cards an amazing, magical beauty of artwork....taking you back to the mystical feeling of your origins, and immersing you in those spiritual truths. But they each come with a quite detailed channeled message from Lemuria. And they always leave me feeling quite content and uplifted!♡ No matter how I was feeling about a situation.
There is not a better Oracle set I could reccomend to you. The price is not even worth worrying about because once you have it, you will feel like you are the one receiving the gift. :-)” Anna Marie Carlisle (Amazon USA review)

“I've been looking around for cards that resonate for a while. I couldn't believe that I had found Lemurian, light language cards. Having a tool to connect in with my star family and draw in multidimensional aspects is really like no other deck out there!
Im so grateful to Leanne Carpenter and Michiel Kroon for creating such a thing and so much more!
I like to use my intuition with cards, but I have really enjoyed and still resonated with what is written in the book. There is amazing information in the book, including affirmations and guided meditation.
Thank you for giving us with this wonderful healing tool.
Love & Light xx” Georgialea Amazon UK Review

“I love this deck, the colors, photos and book are so beautiful, serene and truly inspiring.
You can feel the love of this deck, I know the creators put so much detail and love into it. I love using these cards, they feel like home. Thank you for creating this!” Amanda Dufour (Amazon USA review)

“The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is exquisite. It is clearly a Magnum Opus inspired by Divine Love. Each card is beautifully crafted and has a very powerful and potent energy. The artwork is stunning and the messages, insights and wisdom contained in each and the handbook. Really enjoying attunement to the oracle and connecting to the multi dimensional realms and the Light imbued in the deck.” Amazon UK anonymous review

“Recieved my lemurian star child oracle cards for my bday yesterday. I have to say...they are amazing!
I work with spirit and the other realms and discoverd in past life i was of lemurian origin... i feel a completion in owning these cards now, thanku very much for producing such wonderful cards and insight!
Spread your light, and shine!”Lamara Rowlands

“I was in Glastonbury on a women's retreat in mid-August.  Having looked for the perfect deck for me for day, I had given up, and then at the Tuesday Market on the 20th, there you were.  I pulled a card, saw the power and beauty of the deck, and bought it immediately.  I am using it as I learn as an interactive "book" on ascension and learning so much.  Will soon begins to try some specific spreads.  The deck is so alive and multidimensional.  Thank you for your love and dedication” Susan Brochin

“I ordered your deck a few days ago. Just wanted to say that I'm totally blown away by it, so much so that I felt I had to buy another for a friend of mine after buying mine. It is so powerful, resonates at such deep level. Everything I have done with it so far has been incredible. I LOVE your artwork, words, the energy it carries and transmits, the layout, how it works multidimensionally, how much you have invested in the book that supports the cards, it is so comprehensive and powerful, everything about it is spot on. Well done to you both and I'm sure it will be a resounding success. Thank you thank you thank you. It truly is the best oracle deck for the New Earth. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏️️️️”
Terre Andromeda

“Namaste! 💗 I have been looking for this kind of oracle (light instrument) really long time! For me here was important it's connection with Lemuria, starseed memories and light language themes.
When I saw this oracle at first time on Kickstarter I immediately was interested in it. The name of oracle was very magnetic to me. Later I found out that it comes with nice book (around 300 pages 😱). And only at the end I started to check the art on portals (cards). Well some of portals meant to me nothing much, but some resonated with me very strongly.
The oracle is wide (88 portals) and at first better would be to learn it's structure before dive into it. 
I like that the authors themselves are deep in the Lemurian theme and I can even feel their heart invested in their work. I already know that this oracle will work very well with my light mandalas practice!”
Starseed Dream

“I am a Spiritual Intuitive and use Oracle Cards for several types of readings. These are just incredible! So beautiful, I love how the book is broken up in sections, I love the exercises in the book, I adore the artwork and I love how the messages resonate so well. Thank you for such a wonderful deck! Much love” Lala (Amazon USA review)

“I saw your cards in Glastonbury the first week of August. I am extremely impressed with the individual guidance of each card.  Exceptional!”

“I brought the deck on Sunday from the Chalice Well Shop.
I’m completely blown away by them.
I’ve been unlocking Lemurian Codes since.
So much love & gratitude for your devotion in bringing this wisdom through. 🌈🦄💕” Debbie Jordan-Mills

“It's day 6 of using these cards. I can't express in words how beautiful they are, and the miracles they bring. They completely resonate with me. It was so funny how I came across them last Tuesday. I was passing through Glastonbury for an hour or so and sat outside a cafe with a cuppa. Across the way, a stall with light-filled images caught my eye and I went for a browse. I was amazed to see 'Lemurian Starchild Oracle,' as I had just been chatting about Lemurian healing (which I am a teacher of) that morning. I bought myself the deck and since doing so I have used them each day. The cards have an energy that is multidimensional and benefits on many levels - the images, the words and the generous and thorough information for each one in the book that is included with the deck. I am sure this fantastic healing tool will reach far and wide. Well done and heartfelt thanks, Leanne and Michiel, to say you are a gift is an understatement. In the Lemurian language of light, I speak my gratitude.”
Susan Browne, Angel EFT

“Absolutely beautiful Oracle cards. Such love and light energy within each one and so wonderful to have this special guidance of Lemurian energy. Illustrations and words are so beautiful and I feel blessed to have them. Thank you so much dear Leanne and Michiel 💙”
Coral Dawn

“Purchased this Lemurian Starchild Oracle set from Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon at the local Market in Glastonbury. I must say, these cards are absolutely Divine❣️
Created by Leanne and Michiel, the art is exquisite and the guidance pure and very much Higher Dimensional… Each card an activation in its own right! And with 88 cards in a deck and a 340 page guide, this is an absolute Master Creation for the New Earth. Super stoked with this!!!! 😄🙌✨
Thank you so much Leanne and Michiel! Super stoked the Universe guided me towards your stand! 😊🙏🏻💗 Blessings ✨✨✨” Arayas Compass

“This is an amazing deck of cards. Powerful illustrations, powerful messages, full of light, love and wisdom. Thank you for creating them. <3” H. D.

“I Love Love Love this Deck...... Lemurian Starchild Oracle... I have never connected to a deck like I have this one, it's like finding the missing piece xx” Gemma Duvall-Holmes

“I cannot speak highly enough about how incredible these cards are.  In the short period of time I have had them, I feel like they have already profoundly transformed me and given me a huge boost on connecting with Sirius, my higher Self, Lemuria, the rainbow bridge and the dolphins. To begin with the energy of the cards is blissful and carry pure Lemurian frequencies that help to release the struggles of the mind and stay centered in the heart space where we can access our higher chakras and rainbow bridge connection into the magical realms above, within and beyond. Secondly, the cards are absolutely beautiful.  The artwork is incredible and the gold edges on the cards bring a divine healing touch to their astonishing beauty.  As a  Flower Essence Therapist and Sacred Journey Guide that helps women reconnect with Gaia as well as as a Landscape Designer & Land Artist,
I fully resonate with the sensitivity to the subtle frequencies of Gaia that are woven so beautifully through these cards.  If you are looking to take your healing journey to the next level and connect with your essence and the essences of Gaia I highly recommend that you purchase them without hesitation.  The cards are so full of love.  There is no need to shuffle them in an intense way. The specific messages, energies and activations that you need at each moment will be brought to you with divine grace when you are ready for it with more ease and grace than any other oracle deck I have ever used prior.  I feel truly blessed to have received the gift of these cards and I am in joy about sharing these blissful Lemurian and New Earth frequencies in all of my work and play.  Thank you Michiel and Leanne for being a bridge and making it easier for the rest of the world to connect with this light and vision that is so needed at this time.  I have never felt more hopeful about my potential to create the Heaven on Earth reality that I came here to create through my heart and the incredible love of source. With great love from the Swallowhead Spring, my first spiritual home, my source.” Jessica Amala

“Lovely Elaine in ying and yang took me through the cards. My heart chakra opened wide when she opened the box and the divine energy hit me. Beautiful insights Leanne for this rainbow child xxx much love to you both.” Sharon. O.

“Wise, profound and authentic words from Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon about forgiveness. To me these Divination cards are not like any other. I have never found writings and insights like it anywhere else within a card set. The words 'speak' directly to your Soul. These two amazing people have put everything into making this a representation of their Life Mission. I am in awe. 💙🙏💙“ Debbi Walker

“These cards, Lemurian Starchild Oracle by Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon are absolutely incredible. The vibration and energy from them are of the purest love.

The messages and channellings go beyond divination cards. The work that has gone into these is a Soul Journey of inspiring wisdom gifted to us all through words and the cards by these incredible Souls. Thank you 🧡🙏🧡

Yesterday I drew the Fire Of Transformation ~ It was like an old sage or wise elder speaking to me. If you don't have these cards as yet they will be an amazing addition to your spiritual practice. Thank you beautiful Leanne and Michiel for your vision 🧡” D. W.

“Very grateful to be connecting with this amazing and touching oracle. # 80 The messages, insights, artwork and coincidentally synchronised with the ‘Lemurian Light PipEssence’ blend which was waiting in the wings for it to come together in June, for over a year💦💎🦋
It touches my heart in many ways, and I laughed out aloud when the ‘Breathe the Sun’ revealed itself again with yesterday’s reading.
I feel this oracle is not to be rushed, and so I dedicate each Sunday, to connect in and receive the insights and messages .... and connecting each day with the light of the sun ☀️
And so with the current Lion Gate portal, I connected in with my Sirian higher self for the 10 card reading- soo much to absorb, with husband and Puppy choosing his cards also, this oracle has so much to share for ALL🐾💚
Bless you and Thank you dear Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon for all that has been created so far towards our new Earth and our us evolving.☀️💦”
Much Heart Expanded Love.
Pippa Handley Cooke 💦”

“So I am very excited to say I now own deck no. 14 of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle by my wonderful friends Leanne Carpenter and Michiel Kroon. I have been lucky enough to see the evolution of the production of this deck over the past year. The images are simply stunning, all Leanne’s personal work. The gilded edges are so beautiful. This deck is unlike any other I have been blessed to work with. The vibration is extremely high and would appeal to anyone who resonates with the term “starchild” or who feels connected to the cosmic and angelic realms. The guidebook is extremely comprehensive so although I would say it is more suited to an advanced reader, if you are drawn to them, the guidebook will support you and educate you about the advanced meanings of the cards. I can not recommend this deck enough. You can order them through their website: https://www.lemurianstarchildoracle.com/deck at £33 I think you are getting a lot for your money, good card stock, 88 cards, a beautiful box and thick guidebook. Simply amazing! I drew a personal card for myself and got “creation” unique expression, flow of creation, joyfulness. As a creative person this card really resonates, it reminds me of the importance of allowing my creativity to flow as the process of creating makes me joyful and when I’m not creating I can feel sad and anxious. It indicates that I will be starting a new project, I’m excited to see what that will be! Thank you Leanne and Michiel for blessing the world with your extraordinary gifts, you deserve all the success. Much love to you both Lemurian Starchild Oracle💗” Lynne Stewart

“This card deck and book hold so much light so much joy and Love. I feel that this is a road map for the journey of life on Earth to illuminate how heaven is already on earth. It feels that I’ve been waiting for the oracle for many years. WOW I bought the cards at the weekend at the opening in Glastonbury and am now starting to unfold their energies. So excited by them ..... I recommend them to anyone who hears, feels and connects to Lemuria and ascension as they show us the way to create the new levels of conscious with the sacred unity of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine guiding us to the way of Joy and Love.” Kim Paula

“A beautiful powerful epic Gift - is more like several packs with a book. The abundant generosity flows with the New Earth Light Wisdom and Joy. The images are beautiful. Wonderful Love Love Love 💖” Elizabeth Rudwick

“Just wanted to share how impressed I have been with this deck of oracle cards. Do you know it?
I have acquired a lot of different oracle card decks over the years, but this one is totally different to anything else I've ever had. Leanne Carpenter from @leanneblessedjourneys and Michiel Kroon have put together this 88 cards deck with a 340page book to go with it. Their website is www.lemurianstarchildoracle.com. Check them out! Their work in putting together this deck is incredible, they have created something that goes far beyond any other oracle card deck. It is a healing tool, it works multidimensionally, it is filled with codes and frequencies to help you move and thrive in the new paradigm. The depths of knowledge shared is incredible. It is absolutely beautiful, amazing! I am totally been blown away by it. It is palpable how the artwork and wording come directly from the heart and channeled from Source. By the way, I don't know Leanne and Michiel personally or have anything to do with this card deck, this is just my personal opinion I wanted to share as I think it's an amazing tool for us at this time. Love to you all. 💖💖💖💖” C. C.

“I remember that a while ago I was searching for new information on Lemuria and was wondering why nobody had ever created a deck that would bring forth those awesome energies. And there it was, someone thought about it. I was instantly filled with joy and felt intrigued. The deck looked and felt different and after a few days I pre-ordered my copy. I received it a few months later, and what I suspected was confirmed. This is no ordinary deck, it is creative, expressive, multi-layered and healing, in so many ways. It speaks to me in beautiful ways, allowing me to access wisdom,  visions and information that are positive, supportive and filled with Light. How beautiful! The cards are amazing; I love the size and bright colours. The book is packed with more information and insights that lead to an introspective, healing and deep journey. At least, this is my experience with it so far. I guess there is more to experience and more to discover, after all the journey never ends, does it? Another thing that in my opinion this deck is particularly good at is to allow your consciousness to expand beyond the ordinary layers of experience and move into cosmic awareness, and it does so in a gentle, pure and innocent way. I believe this is a time to reconnect with our ancient past and the fact that there is more beyond our beautiful Earth; we are connected to something greater that is loving and radiant, and at this time we have a chance to reconnect with our cosmic guides and the infinite wisdom of the cosmos. I guess that this deck came at the right time and that it was divinely inspired. So, as I work with this deck, I am able to look within me and explore the beauty of my soul, and then I can move outside of it and embrace everything around me, and that expands even further as some cards allow me to merge with the universe, thus moving beyond limited perceptions and ideas. This is very healing and brings a sense of deep peace. I can find resolution to the many doubts and worries of the mind by remembering who I truly am. At last, I have to say, I found a deck that was created by people for the people, and that comes from their own experience of life and beyond even that. It is a huge gift. Thank you Leanne and Michiel! This is my number one deck. I can do so many things, so many journeys and receive so much healing and it comes with me wherever I go. I look forward to know more about it and continue the journey to the Light”. T. R.

“These cards are truly magical - each one tells a story and when working as an oracle allow a full story to unfold. The care and thought behind this deck is astounding - thank you Michael and Leanne for creating such a wonderful gift to the world. The quality is amazing as well!  Postage was quick to Australia - feel so blessed to have these in m life 🙏
It’s an Oracle of fascination and wonderful heart and soul🐬🐬🐬”D. L.

“Bliss! That is my word for how I am feeling as I dive into this glorious artwork and messages contained on the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Cards! I received #13 of the first set release. I have attached photos of my first drawing for myself. Two cards fell out first: the Nurture card and then the Blessings Card. I drew Emergence (I just love it!) and Resolution.
All are lovely art and empowering messages. So very grateful Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon.”
Maureen Moore

“Yeyy!!! 🤗💖🌟🤩, so happy I received my copy yesterday, it looks wonderful, every card is absolutely magical, ... I loved the messages , the art works, the energies & that golden edge of the cards,, ✨💫🌟❤️..
Having the deck welcomed in my space & activated with my little Aqua Lemeurian Andara crystal & my Lemeurian wands crystals,, & of course some white sage incense,,, can’t wait to start my readings with them,,, thank you Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon for this beautiful and magical gift 💝 that reflects well your love 💗 and your heart devotion to what you do ..
much love to both of you ,, and many many blessings 🙏🙏✨💫🐬🐋🐳💎🌟” L. S.

“My deck arrived and Ooooh my gosh, it is so beautiful : every card is a work of art, filled with Love and messages; the texts accompanying the cards come from a place of deep Knowing, Love and Purity, they provide Clarity, are uplifting and very supportive in REmembering our true essence... I am in awe... Leanne&Michiel and our Lemurian Family, I am so grateful to you for creating this wonderful set of cards... my first draw: 2 cards: 9. INITIATIONS and 4. EARTH ANGEL were spot on for me that day...🙏💗🙏🦄🌈🌊🐬🐋🦋” Ineke Top.

“Oh my... I spread the deck out in the sunshine and drew these two beauties. Answering a particular question that has been reverberating about my soul family and soul mate. Just perfect. The cards have such potency and beauty.” J.H.

“I absolutely love my deck. Absolute gratitude to you both for this beautiful gift xxx” Becky Orr

“I can’t recommend this amazing pack enough, the art is stunning, cards designed so beautifully & the oracle book gives clear instructions how to use, lengthy meanings for each card, I’d been waiting for something different this has excelled my expectations thanks you so much Leanne Blessed Journeys & Michiel all your love, talent & dedication payed off truly well done & congratulations to you both 🌈💐😘 xx Order your Today u won’t b
disappointed xxx” Vicky Foster

“Good morning beautiful souls 🙏. I feel so blessed to have received these high vibrational beautiful tools of guidance & love yesterday 💖🌈🦄- I literally cried whilst doing my first reading with them as the heart energy was so strong- so much love & gratitude to Leanne Blessed Journeys & Michiel Kroon for sharing their divine gifts with us all 🙏 The Heart or Ascension card was drawn for us all - ‘Mother Earth gently shows me that I can relax now in the Heart of Ascension, that the gravity of the old paradigm can no longer effect me in any way ‘ much love to all 🙏” Abbey Myners

“Thank you Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon for creating such a beautiful deck and for all the patience and diligence required to manifest it. Not only does it contain 88 amazing cards, but it also has a wonderful 300 page book that comes with it which is worth to have on its own. This work is an inspiration and at only £33 I would recommend it to anyone. 💚🐬🙏” Nikola Penkov

“Dear Leanne and Michiel,Thank you thank you thank you for creating such a profound love embodied amazing oracle deck human words really could never capture the beauty,love and healing within this treasure,i cried tears of joy for over an hour when ifirst opened the oracle deck box so very beautiful! i continue to feel strongly connected from my heart,higher emotions when i look through the cards and still cry as i connect deeper with myself and the truths therein thanks to the remembrance these cards bring Much love to you both and i hope beautiful Leannes healing is in full flow you are in my thoughts sweet soul sistar sending all my love julia x” Julia Sullivan

“OMG! The deck is in and it’s gorgeous!!! Just looking at all the cards is already satisfying enough 🥰❤️🙏🏼” Vanessa Vink

“Thank you dear Leanne 🌹 keep on healing...so much love & I'm so overwhelmed by your beautiful Oracle deck. They reach right into the emotions & create alchemic healing...just magical xxx” Melanie Sarah

“I had pulled back from card readings as I felt I wasn’t resonating with them anymore but these cards by Leanne Blessed Journeys and Michiel Kroon are absolutely beautiful and the messages so deeply guided that my hands are itching to work with them
the energy pull is so strong.....
..... I recently received the Lemurian Starchild oracle cards by Leanne Carpenter and Michiel Kroon. Never have I connected to a deck so deeply. The cards and messages they bring are so powerful. Today I decided to do the Trinity Circle of Creation with the Dolphin Codes. The energy of these cards are so beautiful and gentle.” Jane Hunt


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Gift wrapping and packaging

I am unable to offer this service because most items are dispatched direct from my production partners or our Lemurian Starchild Oracle distribution centre, who do not offer these services.

Beautiful cards. Truly delighted with them. Thanks

A very beautiful deck and art work, I absolutely love the guide book which has so much detail inside for each oracle card. Each card has a colour code and shape to separate them into categories. So amazing! I also love the gold around the cards. An amazing Christmas present for myself

An Absolutely stunning deck and an amazing book 😊

Beautiful cards. They feel very special. made with great consideration and care. high quality. the gold around the edges of the cards is amazing. the colours and illustrations are gorgeous and mesmerising. I just love them.

Incredible deck it is totally worth buying they have put so much effort into it and it really gives a lot of advice and guidance but it’s for Ascension and development which is even better

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